Worm Composting Bin DIY

I just heard a worm composting bin DIY (do-it-yourself) presentation at a Harvest Fair last weekend.  It was very interesting to see a little different slant on using a worm compost bin. Though I couldn’t get a clear answer about the bedding she uses, she did mention using potting soil.  That is a new one for me.  And she used dry shredded newspaper to cover the worm compost.

I Use Damp Shredded Newspaper for Bedding

I use damp shredded newspaper for bedding which eventually turns into a “dirt-like”  substance–thought mine is more like a “not so wet” mud.  I cover my compost with a sheet of wet newspaper or cardboard.  The presenter had been doing it for nine years and used any plastic bin she could find.  She said you could often find them in peoples’ trash.

We Have Similar Ideas About Worm Composting

She doesn’t use drainage holes–neither do I.  She said her worm bins never get that wet–neither do mine. She doesn’t use any fancy worm bins like Worm Factories–neither do I.  So it was an interesting experience to meet someone who is on the same page as me.  Worm composting is easy and laidback as long as you follow certain steps.  And you can start very cheaply and produce a wonderful fertilizer for your garden.  Here is a picture of one of my worm bins at the beginning of the process with shredded newspaper bedding with a sheet of wet newspaper across the top.  Even though the newspaper bedding looks dry in the picture, it is actually somewhat wet, though not dripping wet.

My Worm Bins Can’t Handle All Our Kitchen Scraps

The only thing I didn’t understand is that she puts all her kitchen scraps in her 2 worm bins.  There are 3 people in her household.  We also have 3 people living in our house.  There is no way my worm bins can handle our kitchen scraps.  I have a backup compostumbler in the back yard.  We do have a lot of guests; so maybe that is the difference.  I often tell people not to expect that 1-2 worm bins will handle all kitchen scraps and to be prepared for that.  Lastly worms don’t really like onion skins, pineapple and citrus so it doesn’t work out to put those in the worm bin.