When to Plant Your Garden

When to Plant Your Garden is an Important Decision

When to plant your garden can be a tricky decision this year.  We have unseasonably warm weather.  Some days, though, it is very cold like it should be in March and it even freezes.  The 60 degree days can easily fool us into thinking that it is May instead of March.  Our daffodils are all fully bloomed.  Usually this doesn’t happen for another 2-3 weeks.  And daffodils are usually blooming when it is cold outside!  They are often seen poking up as the snow is melting.

It is easy to get all excited and think that this is it.  Spring has arrived!  Be careful though!  A prime example is in the Midwest on Saturday it was below freezing. Then on Sunday it was close to 70 degrees!  This is also happening on the east coast.

Be sure to check out the frost dates so that you can plant your delicate seedlings when it is safe outside.  It is appropriate to plant cool weather crops such as peas, lettuce and beets now. So check out those frost dates and hold yourself back even though the weather is warm.  I usually plant close to one of the frost dates and then I watch the weather very carefully.  If it is going to freeze I cover my plants in some way and then remove the cover the next day if it is going to be warm.  If you are just too impatient plant cool weather crops or try starting seeds indoors in the house. Happy Planting!

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