What Kind of Compost Bin Should You Buy

What Kind of Compost Bin Should You BuyA common question is “What Kind of Compost Bin Should I Buy?”  I have the Compact Compostumbler which composts in large batches.  Here is a picture with the tumbler open and half full of compost.

So I advertised this composter through Amazon Affiliates. The Compact Compostumbler has not been available on Amazon.  So this presented a dilemma to me.  Do  I advertise another compostumbler that I haven’t even used that is consistently available??  I think that happens plenty on the internet, people advertising products that they haven’t used.

I have prided myself that on my blog anything that I have recommended I have used myself. So I had decided that I won’t worry about making any commission off the Compostumbler and I am not choosing another one to advertise to replace it because I really think that the Compact Compost Tumbler is one of the very best large batch composters!  It is expensive but it is well worth it because of its ease of use.

Great News–Now Available on Amazon!

The Compostumbler is again available on Amazon.  Just click on the link compostumbler. One of my readers just bought one!

Check out this wire compost bin as an alternative. It is a lot cheaper but it doesn’t turn. I have had great success with it composting leaves and garden refuse but I haven’t put kitchen scraps in it.