Watch Out For Spring Frosts

Watch Out For Spring FrostsThe last 2 nights the temperature was 37 degrees F.  If you have any tomatoes, peppers or delicate vegetables planted you need to check the weather.   In the extended forecast for the Baltimore Metropolitan area it appears that we are safe from now on.  But you never can tell so you need to watch the weather to see if we are going to have any more spring frosts.  If you live a little to the north be doubly careful because the nights could be colder. Happy Spring!

Protection from Spring Frosts

See above picture for one of my creative ways of protection for a spring frost.  It’s important to remove the cover the next morning because the seedling might bake in there depending on the temperature! Check out this blog post for a creative way to protect tomatoes from a frost! You have to read down a bit to get to the very cool part when there is actually a frost.