Watch a Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Hatching

I found this amazing video on YouTube showing a Red Wiggler worm cocoon hatching!  The Red Wiggler composting worm is also known as Eisenia Fetida.  It was put on YouTube from a web site based in South Africa   I would like to extend a big thank-you to Mother Earthworms for making this cool and informative video available on YouTube! For more info on getting started with worm composting click on Making a Worm Bin Cheap and Easy!

3 thoughts on “Watch a Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Hatching

  1. Cyndie DeRidder

    Thanks for posting this – your video is nicely done. I’m new to vermicomposting and I was wondering if I’d even be able to recognize a cocoon mixed in with all the bedding, but I did. Your information helped me see that the one I found was recently released. Then today I spotted many long skinny wigglers along the sides of my bin, so I’m encouraged that they’re getting enough to eat and are doing well. What excitement!

  2. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Cyndie! Thanks for your comment. I must say that I found the video on YouTube. I sent an email thanking the creator but the delivery failed. It was made in South Africa! It is really an excellent video and very educational. You must be happy to see that your worm bin is working out well. I have found that red wigglers are quite easy to take care of!

  3. patti k

    Thank you Mother Earthworms for being able to share in the birthing of an earthworm… a really unique experience.

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