Very Old Seed Germinates

Sometimes Old Seeds Do Germinate!

In contrast to my last post on seeds not germinating here is a story of how a very old seed germinates! You just can’t ever tell if a seed will germinate!

In 2005, a date palm seed that was over 2,000 years old germinated on a kibbutz in Israel. It was carbon-14 dated to be from 155 BCE to 64 AD.  The seed was found in King Herod’s palace on Masada in Israel.  In 2011 it was 2.5 meters tall and it flowered.  It is a male tree so it needs to be bred with a female tree to form dates.  It might be crossbred with a close relative because  there is no female tree of this type. For more information see Judean Date Palm and Oldest Viable Seed on Wikipedia.