Value of Coffee Grounds in Garden Soil

Coffee Grounds are a Valuable Amendment to Garden Soil

Did you ever wonder if coffee grounds are good for the garden or for compost?  I pick up free coffee grounds from Starbucks whenever I have the opportunity.

Not all Starbucks give away free coffee grounds.  Even so, some of them will still give you coffee grounds if you call ahead and ask them. They will want to know when you will pick them up. Usually the workers are very friendly and helpful.  Several stores put out used coffee grounds out on a regular basis.  I put them in my compost and they are great!  They can also be dug into the soil in your garden.

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The Soil and Plant Laboratory did a special analysis of coffee grounds in garden soil for the Sunset website.  They found that using Starbucks coffee grounds will improve the soil structure. They recommend digging them into the garden.  They can just as easily be used in the Compostumbler.  I get great results puttting them in my compost.

Read the full report here on the value of coffee grounds in garden soil.

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