Using the PotMaker for Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Seedlings

Starting Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Seedlings

Using the PotMaker for Sun Gold Cherry Tomato SeedlingsUsing the PotMaker seemed like a brilliant idea for transplanting my Sun Gold tomato seedlings.  It just seems like yesterday that I was posting about harvesting my Sun Gold Cherry tomatoes.  We enjoyed them for several weeks because a lot of them were harvested green.  We ate cherry tomatoes after that blog post into the month of December.  And already it is time to think of transplanting seedlings!

Sun Gold Tomato SeedlingOn February 2nd I planted Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Seeds which I bought from Amazon.  I planted the seeds in jiffy pots that I bought at Wal-Mart last year.  These are also available on Amazon and they work really great for starting seeds.  You soak them in water and they expand. I did save some seeds from last year but so far none have sprouted.  Sun Gold tomatoes are hybrids so it is not recommended to save seeds.  You never know how they are going to turn out.  Within 10 days the seedlings emerged.    Within a week I was surprised to see the roots coming out the bottom.  Already time to transplant!  In fact, I will have to transplant these more than once since I started them so early.  I did this so that we could get these cherry tomatoes producing as early as possible since they are so delicious!

Using the PotMaker to Transplant the Tomatoes

I decided to use the PotMaker to make newspaper pots for the transplanting.  This is a very cool tool where you wrap 5 x 12 inch strips of newspaper around the wooden cylinder and then twist the wooden bottom piece to crease the newspaper so it forms the bottom of the pot.  And now you have a little pot for transplanting.  The pot is rather flimsy and fragile, though they work great if you line them up in an aluminum pan.  They help support each other.  When they are first made it helps to wet the bottom of the pot so the paper holds together better.  I usually wet the bottoms, line them up in a pan and fill them with organic potting soil right away.  This pot will easily break down when transplanted outside in the garden and it is free!

I will keep the seedlings in these pots until I see roots emerging and then I will plant them into something bigger.  In the meantime they are growing beautifully and I am so excited for Spring.

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