Unseasonably Cold Temperatures

Unseasonably Cold Temperatures-Frost ProtectionThe other night we had warnings of unseasonably cold temperatures.  In our area they were forecasting 35 degrees.  I was worried because I had only recently planted some small, delicate eggplant seedlings.  I didn’t want them to get damaged.  I didn’t have a lot of Home Depot buckets like another blogger used for frost protection.  So I had to get creative because I did want to put something over my eggplant seedlings!  I used some quart size food storage containers and a Rubbermaid pitcher.

It didn’t actually get down to 35 degrees in my garden according to my thermometer. The next morning it warmed up pretty quickly.  So I removed Protect From Frostthe “frost protectors”  early in the day before it got too hot inside the little “greenhouses.”  The eggplants did great with no damage.  Hopefully that will be the last of the cold temperatures.  I talked to a farmer from further north at the local farmers market the next day.  He said when he got up in the morning he looked out and everything was white from the actual frost that they got.  He said that they covered everything the day before. He didn’t know if he sustained damage because he left early the next morning. Hopefully his covers worked also and he didn’t have any damage.

I like to  plant vegetables early to get a jump on the season.  There is nothing like that first homegrown tomato for taste.  And then you get vegetables longer in the season.  If you plant very early you should always check the forecast for unseasonably cold temperatures.