Tree Roots in Compost Pile

Tree Roots in Compost Pile Problem Solving

Tree roots in compost pile??  I have run into this problem a few times.  They are called feeder roots and they are out looking for food for the tree. It used to be that the tree roots extended throughout my compost pile and I couldn’t really get any of the compost.  That was years ago and at that time I gave up trying to make compost.  Now for the last few years I am back in business making compost!  You can see that I had problems in my outdoor worm bin with tree roots in the raised bed.

Layers of Landscape Cloth Did the Trick on the Tree Roots

Tree Roots in Compost PileI recently emptied one of my wire bin composters.  The compost was beautiful black and crumbly.  I was very excited to spread it in my garden.  I made it from leaves,  garden weeds and some coffee grounds from Star Bucks–no kitchen scraps.  The interesting part that I want to share with you is the tree roots that were underneath this compost bin and my successful way of dealing with them.  I put Weedblock landscape cloth under the compost bin.  I used the cloth from my garden from the last year so it had a few holes in it from previous plantings.  Because of the holes I put down several layers of landscape cloth.  There were no feeder roots in my compost pile Yay!!!  but as I peeled back the layers I found some feeder roots between the layers and some under all the layers.  This system worked out really well.  The landscape cloth protected the compost from the feeder roots.  The roots were attracted to this compost pile because of the nutrients seeping into the ground but because there were several layers of fabric the roots were kept out of the pile.  I would call this a successful solution!  I recently watched a movie on What Plants Talk About and there was a section on how roots find food.  This was an amazing and interesting movie.  I learned things about plants that I had no idea about.  Plants are really miraculous.