Tree Roots Growing in Raised Bed

Roots in compost pileThere are tree roots growing into my raised bed where I keep my composting worms. I have mostly emptied the raised bed and you can see the roots above the spade. Last year I had too many worms so I put them outside into a raised bed with mostly finished compost and horse manure. The first place that I put the raised bed posed no problems. I didn’t have tree roots growing into the compost. This summer I moved the raised bed over and now it is closer to a large tree. Unfortunately there are a lot of tree roots growing throughout the compost and it is very difficult to get the compost out from the roots.

Tree Roots Growing In Raised BedI always put landscape cloth under my regular compost pile so nothing will grow into it. But I didn’t think to do it with this worm composting raised bed. I talked to my neighbor about it and he said the same thing happened to him. Now he puts wooden boards under his compost piles. He said the tree roots come into the compost getting all the nutrients out of it.  Here is a close-up of the roots.  It is very frustrating to get all the compost out from around all the roots.  Make sure if you have a compost pile or worms composting in a raised bed that you cover the dirt at the bottom (before you start the pile) with landscape cloth or a board if there are any large trees nearby.

This whole scenario answered one of my basic questions about tree roots. Stay tuned….