Tree Feeder Roots

This is a reminder post to watch out for tree feeder roots.  If you put your compost pile too close to a tree then it will be a problem.  Tree feeder roots will penetrate into the compost absorbing the goodness from the compost pile.  Tree feeder roots are small roots that the tree sends out to collect nourishment.  If your compost pile is too close to the tree then it will get filled with feeder roots. It will be hard to separate the compost from the roots.

See this picture of Tree Feeder Roots

Tree Feeder RootsJust to get an idea of what tree feeder roots look like I took this picture.  The mass of roots is even larger than what you see here.  I put a quarter on top of the roots so you can get an idea of the size of them.  They are actually small roots.  The problem is that there are such a lot of them and they get all tangled into the compost. The tree really know what it is doing when it sends a mass of roots like this into a compost pile.  Great nourishment for the tree!!

This is just a reminder post to keep your compost pile away from your trees.  Or make sure that you line the bottom of your pile with something that is impenetrable to these tree feeder roots.  Here is an idea of what to do with tree roots in a compost pile.

For more information on feeder roots you can visit this link from Colorado State University Extension.  You will see after reading this that if you destroy small parts of the feeder roots like those growing in your compost it won’t affect the tree too much.  These feeder roots grow, die and are replaced on a regualar basis.