Time to Plant Seeds Indoors! Spring is Coming!

Time to Plant Seeds Indoors! Spring is Coming!Today I noticed these lovely snowdrops in the garden.  Very beautiful, poking up through the garden debris.  In some places there is still a little snow on the ground!  It means that spring is not too far behind and we can start thinking about our gardens. It is definitely time to plant seeds indoors!  Spring is coming the days are getting longer.

So I ordered Eva Purple Ball tomato seeds.  They  are resistant to Early Blight (Alternaria Solani).  I learned that it is important to order disease-resistant tomato seeds, if you have early blight in your garden.

So I look forward to planting the seeds when they arrive.  The seedlings can’t be planted outside for a while.  They can get a good headstart in the house.  Last year I used jiffy pots and the PotMaker to plant my seeds.  Jiffy pots make planting seeds very easy.  And the PotMaker is used to make  free pots out of newspaper for the first transplanting.  Click on the link above for more information about what I did!