The Gardener Book Review

The Gardener Book ReviewThe Gardener book review gives you the opportunity to learn about a great book for kids and adults!  The Gardener is a charming story of a young girl, Lydia Grace Finch who has to go live with her uncle temporarily.  Her family cannot afford to keep her because her father has just lost his job in the depression years of the 1930’s.

Her uncle is a quiet gruff man who doesn’t seem so happy with this situation but deep down he grows to love Lydia Grace.  The story is told through letters that Lydia Grace writes to her family. The author is Sarah Stewart and it is illustrated by David Small.

Lydia Grace makes the best of this unhappy situation and creates a wonderful surprise for her uncle which I will not reveal here.  This story is full of great messages for children and adults–

  1. How to make the best of a difficult situation
  2. How to do great things with just a few materials
  3. How to see the good in someone even though they present a gruff appearance
  4. How to stay positive
  5. How to connect with the people around you
  6. How to communicate with your loved ones who live far away

And from the title you know it is something about gardening so it shows how gardening is such a positive, happy and healing experience.  A child or adult could easily become inspired about gardening from reading this book.

The Gardener won a Caldecott Honor in 1998 and  is a 1997 New York Times Book Review Notable Children’s Book.  It has 49 5 star reviews on Amazon and one 4 star review which shows how people love it.  It is enjoyable for children and adults as well, many times bringing tears to the eyes at the ending.  Delightful illustrations to go with a delightful story!