Tahitian Melon Squash and Barbie

Tahitian Melon Winter Squash-What a HarvestI have my Tahitian Melon Squash and Barbie all in the basement.  From this picture you can see my great harvest of squash.  I just made a Curry Squash soup last night and it is delicious.

Tahitian Melon Squash and Barbie–Part of Make Believe

Tahitian Melon Squash and BarbieOnce in a while I notice the squash are moved around by my grandchildren.  They create houses and furniture for their Barbie games.  The playroom is right next to the room where these squash are stored.  Yesterday I noticed this beautiful lounging chair created for Barbie.  I just had to share it with you.  I love when children use their creativity to use mundane things in their environment for their games!  So another plus for the Tahitian Melon Squash as children create Barbie furniture using their unique crooked neck!