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Tomato Ladder Trellis for Winter Squash

Squash Growing on trellis I have this squash that grew on my tomato ladder trellis at the end of the season. See the tan orb on the right side of the picture.  I have three pictures in this post to show winter squash growing in a unique way! These tomato ladders, when grouped together, make great trellises.  As you can see from the pictures the tomato ladder is supporting the squash quite nicely. I get the tomato laddersicon from Gardeners Supply. They are very strong and come in red or green. I stack three together so they are very tall.

It is time to pick it before the first frost.  The squash can be damaged by the frost depending on the temperature and how long it stays at that temperature during the night.  I have a few more squash to harvest—I have been harvesting them gradually since the summer.  You need a sharp knife to harvest the winter squash because the stem is very hard and strong.  It needs to be– to hold up the squash that grow off the ground.

Squash Growing Seemingly in Mid AirHere is another picture of the squash that grew suspended about 4 feet off the ground, seemingly in mid-air.

I used tomato ladders to create a cucumber trellis.  And then the squash vines which were growing crazy wild took over the cucumber trellis.  After a while I noticed a squash growing about 4 feet off the ground.  It was supported by a tomato ladder and a wooden stake. I had placed some wooden stakes across some of the tomato ladders to provide more growing area.  I don’t recommend them for tomatoes but they are great for creating trellises for cucumbers and squash.

You can’t see the wooden stake so well in this picture.  Basically I placed them through the tomato ladders, horizontal to them.  I was trying to provide more support and growing area for the vines to attach to.

Tomato Ladder Trellis Close-up

Tomato Ladder Trellis for Winter SquashIn this picture you can see very close up that the squash is very conveniently resting on one of the crossbars of the tomato ladder and the wooden stake.  You can also see from the picture that this squash is very large and heavy! It was supported nicely right up until the time of harvest.  So I discovered how great the tomato laddersicon are for growing these heavy squash quite by accident.  Because this squash happened to grow this way.  It was a valuable lesson for me because next year I am going to create a few trellises in my garden for the squash to grow on to save space.

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Tomato Cages–Try Tomato Ladders for Support

Tomato cages have always given me some problems for supporting my tomatoes.  The tomatoes easily grow too tall for them, most of the cages are not very strong and they are hard to store.  Gardeners.com has come up with a new approach called tomato laddersicon which are attractive and compact, conserving space in the garden. You can buy them from Gardeners Supply.

Tomato Ladders Can Be Used for Peppers, Eggplants and Cucumbers

I use tomato ladders for peppers, eggplants and cucumbers also.  They are strongly made, easy to push into the dirt, can grow with the plant by adding more sections and provide great support.  Cucumbers on Tomato LaddersYou have to train the plant as it grows to stay in the middle of the support which is easy to do.  I am so excited about how my cucumbers are growing, right up the ladders.  I put a few together to provide a trellis type support.  So my cucumbers are growing up instead of all over the ground, also saving space. I have never had such beautiful cucumbers!

Tomato Ladders Are Easy to Store!

After gardening season is over, these tomato ladders nest within each other so that they don’t take up so much room.  They can also be pulled apart after tomato season.  They are very well constructed so that they will last for years and years making them a good gardening investment.

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