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Composting Worms in the Sun Mar Compost Tumbler

Composting Worms in the Sun Mar Compost TumblerThere are composting worms in the Sun Mar compost tumbler!  So not only did I get great compost from this tumbler I also got a bunch of red wigglers.  I will add them to my worm bins.  I have been using it for 2 seasons now. But now it is not working so well so I am just using my Compostumbler.  Though I never found as many worms in the compostumbler!

Red Wiggler Compared to a Nightcrawler Earthworm

Red Wiggler Compared to a NIghtcrawler EarthwormHere is a picture of a red wiggler compared to a nightcrawler earthworm. While digging in my garden last Sunday, I noticed this very large nightcrawler earthworm.  It was certainly a beautiful speciman of an earthworm.  I have found some large ones in my garden but this one was huge! I decided this was a great photo opportunity to show the difference between how nightcrawlers and red wigglers look.  The red wigglers in the picture are full size–amazing isn’t it?

Here is a video on separating out red wigglers and what to do if your worm compost is too wet.

Download My PowerPoint Video, an Intro to Worm Composting!

I have created an informational PowerPoint video turned into a movie, as an Introduction to Worm Composting. It is an excellent narrated presentation using my photos, text and video clips for a great Intro to Worm Composting. I give you a heads up about what mistakes I have made so you won’t have to make them yourself!

Download the Power Point/video to your computer for free.

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Here is a preview of my PowerPoint video:  the Introduction and Chapter 1: