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Cucurbita moschata-Tahitian Melon Squash

This is an update on growing the cucurbita moschata – Tahitian Melon Squash. I now call it the monster squash! It is growing everywhere. I had it growing on a strong 6 ft tomato cage. It grew up that and then attached itself to the electric wires coming into my house. I quickly knocked it off there with a broom. I could barely reach it.

Cucumber Trellis AlternativeThen the cucurbita moschata took over my beautiful cucumber trellis. Here is a picture of the trellis from last year. My cucumbers were doing great this year and now they are covered with squash and almost nowhere to be seen!

I had to keep bringing the squash back into my garden because it was growing through the chain link fence into my neighbors garden and they didn’t want any squash.

Cucurbita Moschata Squash Taking Over Cucumber Trellis

Here is another picture of my cucumber trellis this year totally overtaken with Tahitian Melon Squash!  It is so disturbing–it just “drowned” out the cucumbers.  I could have cut it back but there is something very satisfying to have a plant growing like this in my garden! Cucurbita Moschata Squash Covering Cuke Trellis I have replanted cucumbers somewhere else in the garden so hopefully they will produce more cucumbers.  In the picture you can see the size of this squash growing on the cucumber trellis by seeing the Home Depot bucket in the picture to show actual size. Next to the bucket you can see a squash nestled in the leaves.  It is very long.  I used the tomato laddersicon from Gardeners Supply to create my cucumber trellis.  I just grouped a lot of them together with 3 sections each so that they are about 6 feet high.

I have some gorgeous squash growing some are straight, some are curved and some are gigantic. This is so exciting!