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Better Than Butternut Squash

These Tahitian Melon squash are better than Butternut Squash.  I am not talking about better in taste.  They are very similar in taste to Butternut Squash, with a beautiful sweet orange flesh.  They are better because they are so much bigger with a very long neck.  So you get a higher percentage of squash that is easily accessible without having to deal with cutting out the seeds.  Today I picked my 5th squash.  The last 2 were 9.5 lbs.  This one weighted 12.2 lbs!  It was hanging from my tomato cage.  The cage is a little bent but I think it will be ok.  That is one strong tomato cage!!  Anyway I am having a great time watching these squash.  I will cook one soon and let you know how it tastes.  Better Than Butternut Squash

Better Than Butternut Squash?

Update–October 16th. After cooking one of these squash, I can say that the taste is superb and the amount of squash that you get is phenomenal. I made several pies and still had some left over for soup. I highly recommend this squash for a backyard garden. They are delicious, they are huge, they are pest resistant and they are very productive–growing all over the place. My one piece of advice is to start them early in the season because they just keep producing more squash. Right now I have several squash that aren’t going to have enough time to mature because our first frost is fast approaching!  When they are very small you can pick them and cook them like a zucchini.  They are very good that way also.  Here is a picture of my squash harvest.  We have already eaten 7 of them so there were actually more than this!  Here is a link to Tahitian Melon Squash seeds.Tahitian Melon Winter Squash-What a Harvest