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Keep Your Successes In Mind After Problems in the Garden

Keep Your Successes In Mind After Problems in the GardenEvery year some vegetables in the garden do better than others.  Some have major problems like the the Early Blight that is hitting my tomatoes this year.  But other vegetables like the beets, cucumbers, zucchini and green beans are doing great!  I even planted some onions for the first time and they were successful-small but delicious.

More Successes–Beautiful Brandywines and Hot Compost

And even though the tomatoes are infected I have some beauties growing Great Brandywine Tomatoesand hopefully they will ripen OK.  So far, the blight has just infected the leaves.  Lastly when I opened the ComposTumbler this morning to check my new batch of compost, there was steam coming up from the compost.  And I could feel the heat coming from the compost.  So this is working really well to see steam from the compost on a 80 degree morning.  Lately I have been getting free coffee grounds from Starbucks and throwing them in.  Not all stores do this but some specially package coffee grounds for gardens so check it out!

Building a Cold Frame with Bales of Straw

Building a Cold Frame from Straw Bales

Arugula in straw bale cold frame

Building a cold frame can help winter vegetables survive cold, frosty nights.  I put together a very makeshift cold frame using straw bales and floating row covers.  I have arugula, swiss chard, beets and lettuce growing this winter.  The straw-bale cold frame is working great.  This week we had a night of 19 degrees and several nights in the 20′s.  I checked everything today and harvested arugula, beets and beet greens.  These beets were not in the cold frame and 0ne beet still had frost on it.  The plants are looking a little wilted but I think they will perk up on the next warmer day.  The white in the arugula picture is the floating row cover, used for protection from freezing which I pulled back to cut some arugula.