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Amaryllis Poem

I wanted to share this Amaryllis bulb experience through this Amaryllis poem.  I started about 3-4 years ago with one Amaryllis bulb.  I planted it in a large pot with lots of worm compost.  During that year it grew and flowered and produced a baby Amaryllis  bulb.  The next year it grew 3 baby Amaryllis bulbs.  This year the first baby grew 9 baby Amaryllis bulbs!!!!!  They are inundating me!!!  The bulbs grow really big if you plant them in a big pot with worm compost.  I will have to start giving these bulbs away.  There are too many for me!

Amaryllis bulbs go through a dormant stage each year.  In the spring and summer they live on my front porch getting lots of sunshine.  The leaves nourish the bulb. After the summer I put them in my mostly dark basement and stop watering them.  All the leaves die.  I like them to bloom in the spring so I bring them upstairs to a well lit area in February or March.  And I start watering them.  They will start growing pushing up stalks with flower buds. In the past I would get one flower stalk.  This year I got two!

So this is what happened this year to my original Amaryllis bulb:

No water, no light
Stuck in basement
Amaryllis bulb–dormant
All dried up…
Walking past one day
Take three steps back
Two flower stalks
Shooting up
Thick, vibrant
Full of life
Very pale green…
No water, no light
What do you know?
Amaryllis Poem