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Full Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Light

Full spectrum fluorescent grow lights can make all the difference in the world to indoor seedlings.  I was admiring my friend’s AeroGarden which is a small hydroponic garden.  She was growing herbs and lettuce and the plants were just beautiful.  Everything you need comes with the Aerogarden including built in grow lights.

I was commenting on how beautifully the plants were growing and another friend said she had this desk lamp at home on her desk.  After a while she noticed that the plant near the lamp was growing just as beautifully as the ones in the Aerogarden.  It turns out that she had a full spectrum fluorescent desk lamp.  Full spectrum is as close as you can get to real sunlight.  The lamps come in all different qualities and prices.  These desk lamps are at the medium low end.  And she bought it at K-Mart!

So we compared the bulbs in the Aerogarden to the desk lamps and got similar bulbs from K-Mart.  We got a floor lamp to use for larger plants such as the large tomato plant in the house.  It was planted in a large pot and had a lot of tomatoes on it.  So I brought it in and we enjoyed cherry tomatoes throughout the fall.  Later we boughtFull spectrum fluorescent grow light some more Sunlight Desk Lamps for seed starting and growing indoor plants.  This way we get a good start on spring!!

Here is a picture of some arugula that I am growing in the house with one of these desk lamps.  As you can see it is growing very nicely!  Soon I will be starting seedlings for the springtime.

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