Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

I have just harvested all my Sungold cherry tomatoes.  Most of them are still green and they will ripen in the house, extending our tomato season just a little bit more.  The Sungold tomato is a small, bright orange gem bursting with a sweet taste that is a low acid tomato.  It is truly delicious and in the early mornings, in the summer, as I work in my garden I am popping them in my mouth quite often.  They are incredibly delicious.Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

I have bought them as seedlings for a few years now at the local nursery.  I usually get a few volunteers that have produced nicely so I decided to save a few seeds last year.  These are hybrid tomato plants so seed saving would probably not be successful.  So this year I had one plant grow from my saved seeds.  It was amazingly prolific with lots of tomatoes.  I kept doing taste tests with my store-bought Sungold and I couldn’t tell any difference.  My store bought Sungold got hit with early blight.  It did recover somewhat and kept growing but didn’t produce so many tomatoes.  My Sungold from saved seeds did not suffer from early blight and just kept producing cherry tomatoes.  It was amazing.

So I have saved seeds from this year to plant next spring.  I do understand that in any subsequent year, saved seeds from a hybrid might not produce true.  This link on hybrids and saving seeds has more info on this subject.  But I am willing to take the risk next year to see how they do.  Though I will order proper “Sun Gold Tomato Seeds” to make sure that I have them in my garden next year.   I want to guarantee that I have those little orange tasty treats as I work in my garden next summer, if tomatoes from saved seed don’t work out.