Sun-Mar 200 Composting–A Continuous Composter

I am not using the Sun-Mar 200 composting system anymore.  It started to not work so well.  The compost was not coming into the place where it is to be removed.  I really think the Compact ComposTumbler is the best composter.  Next time I buy one I will buy a Smaller Easy Spin ComposTumbler because our family is smaller now. We are not producing so many kitchen scraps. The thing is I really need two. When one is full it needs to sit and compost for a while. So in the meantime I would add my kitchen scraps to the second ComposTumbler. Read more about my experiences with the ComposTumbler:

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3 thoughts on “Sun-Mar 200 Composting–A Continuous Composter

  1. Tip

    My parents have one of these and find it to be a great way to compost. Having the compost all contained sure beats the old compost pile we used to use in my grandfather’s back yard. It always seemed so dirty and quite the eye sore at the edge of the garden. With the Sun-Mar 200 composting tumbler tucked away near the back of the yard, we can still compost our food scraps and such while keeping the area neat and tidy.

  2. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Tip,

    You’re right the Sun Mar 200 is very neat and compact. The other great thing is that once it is full it creates a continuous supply of small amounts of compost. I really appreciated this the other day because I had to plant 4 asters and I wanted to mix in some compost. So I just took some out from the SunMar. It was the perfect amount and very convenient!

    Sandie Anne

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