Sugar Snap Peas After the Frost

I wanted to see what happens to sugar snap peas after the frost.  So one morning after the frost I ventured out into my garden.  The ground was crusty white with frost.  All the tomato, squash, eggplant, pepper and bean plantsSugar Snap Peas After the Frost were brown and dead.  In the middle of the garden there was an oasis of green, small but definitely green.  At this point, I wished that I had planted more Sugar Snap Peas because there in all their glory they were vibrant and green still growing with lots of flowers producing peas! Here you can see the peas contrasted with a dead green bean plant.

Sugar Snap Peas After the Frost Are a Good Cool Weather Crop

This is whatSugar Snap Peas it means to be a cool weather crop.  The light frosts don’t affect these plants.  This characteristic of being able to withstand the light frosts can extend the life of your garden so that in December you can still eat fresh vegetables.  And believe me, these sugar snaps are delicious!  This picture is a close up of the sugar snap peas after the frost.  At the time of planting in the late summer I didn’t have much time so I only planted a few seeds.  Next year I will plant a lot more.

Plant Sugar Snaps in the Early Spring Also

Cool weather crops are for the early spring and late summer.  Here is a picture of the beans after the first frost.  Quite a contrast to the peas. Green Beans After the First Frost Last year I planted peas about the middle of March.  We had lots of peas for the late spring and early summer.   When you plant in the early spring you really need to put a fence around the plants  so the rabbits don’t eat them.  There is not so much to eat in the early spring so rabbits will definitely have a feast of your baby Sugar Snap Peas if they are not fenced in.  In the late summer I didn’t have any problems with rabbits eating the newly emerged peas. Well I guess we have about 3 months until we can plant again.  Time to curl up with  great gardening books  to dream about the spring!

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  1. dieta

    Like sweet corn, peas are at their tastiest immediately after harvest. Whether you choose shell or edible-pod peas, they grow best during spring and early summer when temperatures are between 60 F to 75 F.

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