Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

Sugar Snap Pea HarvestOur Sugar Snap Pea Harvest has been great!  You can see how tall they are in the picture with the Little Tikes kids chair next to them.  They grew in large tomato cages that are 8 feet tall.  I noticed a neighbor also planted Sugar Snaps but they were mostly in the shade so they haven’t grown very tall.  They really need a lot of sun.  I wrote to the Extension agent to see if it was unusual for them to grow so tall.  This is the answer that I got:

The exceptional growth of your snow peas may simply be a varietal characteristic, in which case it would be quite normal.  On the other hand, if you fertilized the snap peas, the growth could be the normal reaction to Sugar Snap Pea Floweradditional nitrogen.  Keep in mind, that snap peas and other legumes will take in nitrogen from the atmosphere and fix it in the soil.  In other words, they practically fertilize themselves.

I checked the package and it doesn’t say how tall they are supposed to grow. I didn’t add nitrogen to the peas,  though I planted them with worm compost, regular compost and rabbit manure which could have supplied some nitrogen.  The first batch that I planted March 15th is starting to die off.  Soon I will pull out the vines and plant tomatoes, cucumbers or squash there to take advantage of the nitrogen  that the peas have fixed in the soil.Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

In the meantime, we have been enjoying Sugar Snaps  every day.  We have even had extras to give away to friends.  They are incredibly sweet, crunchy and healthy.  Please post any experiences you have had growing Sugar Snap Peas.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

  1. Katherine

    We had a pretty good harvest until the cucumbers started smoothering the Sugar Snaps. It is our first garden at our new house and we are still learning.

  2. Sandie Anne

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for the post! My Sugar Snaps are now dying because it is getting too hot! Were yours still doing well? Anyway it sounds like your cucumbers are doing great. Enjoy!

    Sandie Anne

  3. Sandie Anne

    Hi Carolyn,

    That sounds like a great idea to have a dedicated fence for peas. I was thinking about that for pole beans but we created a trellis with twine instead. Every morning when I work in the garden I eat Sugar Snap peas fresh from the vine. They are so delicious!

    Sandie Anne

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