Sudduth Brandywine Tomatoes

I mentioned in my last post about my “volunteer” Sudduth Brandywine tomatoes this year and  I wanted to  share this picture with you.  These are heirloom tomatoes.  I recognized the seedlings by the potato type leaves.  Brandywines don’t have the typical tomato leaves.  Their leaves look more like the potato plant.  So I let them grow because I had not planted anyVolunteer Sudduth Brandywine Tomatoes this year.  In the previous years they had been decimated by early blight and I didn’t feel like coping with it this year.  I was trying other varieties that are considered disease resistant.  But since they were growing anyway I decided to try them again.  From this picture you can see that they were very successful.  The brown in the picture is from dead leaves killed by early blight but it didn’t develop so I had a beautiful Brandywine tomato plant.  I attribute that success to the use of lots of compost. (see last post)

Sudduth Brandywine Tomatoes Have Old-Fashioned Tomato Flavor

If you are looking for that old-time delicious tomato flavor, you can click below to order seeds. Sometimes the skin splits while growing so they don’t look so attractive but you just cut off that part.  They are truly delicious, full of old-fashioned tomato flavor, not like the cello tomatoes that you buy in the store.  If you are new to growing tomatoes or would like to know more about it, click on the image below for a great book that will teach you all about growing tomatoes and choosing the best varieties.