Small Yellow Flower Like Rudbeckia

What is the name of that small yellow flower like Rudbeckia?  I have been asking this question for years and finally I got an answer.  It is Rudbeckia Triloba.

My Friend Gives Me a Plant With a Small Yellow Flower Like Rudbeckia

I always loved the Black Eyed Susan.  I had a few planted in my garden–they were Rudbeckia “Goldstrum”.  They didn’t multiply very well and in some years they got a disease and died early which was very disappointing to me.

Maybe ten years ago my gardening friend offered me some of her plants to transplant in my garden.  They looked similar to the Black Eyed Susan that I had but the flowers were smaller and the plants grew taller.  Most of the leaves look just like the Black-eyed Susan but here and there near the ground there would be Three Lobed Leafthese 3-lobed leaves.  The first few years they did ok. Then I started to notice new plants growing that looked a lot like my Black Eyed Susans.  The leaf structure looked the same.  There would be no flowers the first year only the green leaves.  I anxiously looked forward to the next year hoping that finally my Rudbeckia “Goldstrum” were multiplying.  And then the next year arrived and the plant started growing taller and taller and there would be these three lobed leaves and lo and behold I had more of these small yellow flowers like Rudbeckia.  And then they started to multiply like crazy.  There were little plants growing in the lawn in the spring before the grass was cut.  I found them in the back yard also in my vegetable garden.  In fact they were starting to take over my garden.

Small Yellow Flower Like RudbeckiaThe plant with the small yellow flower like Rudbeckia became an explosion of color in my garden.  They were beautiful and quite prolific.  And somewhat annoying because they would grow 5 feet tall and would become unruly after a heavy rain. They would be leaning over from the weight of the rain and the wind.  They grow so densely that they can block out weeds but they can also block out the other flowers that you love.  So you have to be careful.  If they are going to drown out flowers that you love you have to pull them up or cut them back.

So I had a love-hate relationship with these flowers and I still didn’t know what they were called.  Finally a Master Gardener and native plant expert identified them as Rudbeckia Triloba.

Research on the Rudbeckia Triloba

I found out that the small yellow flower like Rudbeckia goes by a few different names:

  1. Brown Eyed Susan
  2. Three Lobed Rudbeckia
  3. Branched Coneflower
  4. Thin Leaved Coneflower
  5. 3-lobed Coneflower

It is a biennial.  That explains why I would see the green growth of leaves the first year that looked like Rudbeckia “Goldstrum”.  Sometimes in the right climate it acts like a perennial.  It blooms from July to October.  In 1997 it was the Georgia Gold Medal Winner.  It is drought, heat and pest resistant but it can be considered borderline invasive if you don’t handle it correctly.

I totally love this flower.  It is beautiful and there are a million of them. They are really easy to grow.  It might take a few years for them to warm up and then they will explode into color in your garden.  When it is too prolific I just pull them up and use the plants for greens in my compost pile.  So I think Rudbeckia Triloba is a real winner and a must for the gardener who loves yellow flowers, has a lot of space to fill and wants to drown out the weeds!  You can learn more about this by clicking Rudbeckia Triloba.