Shred and Compost Those Autumn Leaves

Shred and compost those autumn leavesWe are not there yet-we have a while to go until the Fall when you need to shred and compost those autumn leaves! We have to be prepared to collect leaves and shred them if we want to have enough composting material for the year!  This post might be a little “out of season” but I found this great video(end of blog post) on composting leaves and I wanted to share it with you now.

Shred and Compost Those Autumn Leaves-Shredded Leaves Work Much Faster than Unshredded Leaves

I still try to get away with NOT shredding leaves–eventually they do compost. But if they are shredded they compost much faster.  So I usually end up with shredded leaves and “not shredded leaves!”  You might want to think about getting a wire compost bin at this point to be ready for the autumn when you can compost those leaves.  I have had very good experiences using a wire compost bin. And as mentioned in the video a leaf blower/vacuum is a very desirable machine.  I bought a leaf/blower vacuum at Wal-Mart that has worked great!

I have several pages in this blog about composting leaves:

Here is this great video of Mike McGrath talking about composting and shredding autumn leaves.  Mike McGrath is an expert about gardening and composting.  He is the:

  • Host of You Bet Your Garden, the Public Radio show.
  • Garden Editor for the WTOP News Radio
  • Contributing Editor & writer for Greenprints magazine
  • was the Editor-in-Chief for 7 years for Organic Gardening the magazine published by Rodale.

He is funny and very informative-a great combination!  Enjoy the video as you learn more about composting!