Sharing Gardening Gifts of Excess Vegetables

What Do You Do With All the Excess Vegetables–Sharing Gardening GiftsSharing Gardening Gifts of Excess Vegetables

One big advantage to gardening is sharing gardening gifts with family, friends and neighbors.  As the summer winds down, the peppers, squash, green beans and tomatoes are going crazy producing all these excess vegetables!  I save plastic berry, lettuce and tomato containers to create nice gardening gifts as I am sharing my garden bounty.  This is one aspect of gardening that I love and people enjoy receiving fresh garden produce.  Here is a picture of some veggies that I gave to someone recently.  There is nothing like receiving fresh home-grown vegetables as a gift!

About Giving Gifts from the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

I learned something very interesting about giving gifts from Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  He says:  “One of the things that I was taught as a child; and which I taught my children also, is never go to anyone’s house without taking something.  Never visit anyone without bringing them a gift.  You might say how can I give to others, when, at the moment I don’t have enough myself.  You could bring a flower–one flower, a note or a card saying something about your feelings for the person you are visiting.  You could bring a compliment.  Make a decision to give wherever you go. . . As long as you are giving you will be receiving.”

I Enjoy Sharing Gardening Gifts

I try to incorporate his advice into my life.  Actually the whole book has lots of good ideas about spiritual success and I enjoyed it a lot.  It gave me several things to think about and small habits to incorporate into my life.  Giving garden gifts of vegetables and flowers is a perfect way to give to other people.  They enjoy receiving and eating the tasty vegetables and I get a lot of pleasure giving them.

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    Its really good that you take an interest in gardening . This blog mentions wonderful ideas on gardening gifts. One of the wonderful benefits of gardening is that you can share vegetables with family, friends and neighbors.Thanks for sharing such unique information on gardening.

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