Rudbeckia Triloba

Rudbeckia Triloba is a great flower to fill out your garden. It is easy to grow and tolerates drought well. I just wrote a post on how I introduced it to my garden. And how I tried to figure out what was that small yellow flower like Rudbeckia growing in my garden.

Rudbeckia Triloba Gets So Tall

Rudbeckia TrilobaSince I said that it is annoying when it gets so tall that it falls over when it rains,  I wanted to do an experiment with it.  I took a picture of a clump of it in my backyard that was a total volunteer.  The lawn guys conveniently never weed whacked it.  Then I cut back half of it and made a beautiful bouquet.  I forgot to mention in my last post that Rudbeckia Triloba makes stunning bouquets.   I will post later in about a month how it rejuvenated if it does.  I took pictures so I will be able to compare before and after.  And I used a small clump of flowers that were totally separate so it would be obvious how they grow back.  If it grows back that is a perfect solution to when the plant leans over after the wind and rain.  Just chop it off and make an amazing bouquet, put the rest in the compost pile and wait for it to re-bloom.  I will let you know what happens!

Rudbeckia Triloba Cut BackThe Rudbeckia Triloba is constantly producing new flowers from the axils so I fully expect that my experiment will work out well.  It is a naturalizing self-seeder that branches out at the leaf axils. It originated on the Prairies of the United States so it is one of our native plants.  It should be cut back after the first frost.  I haven’t seen birds eating the seeds in the winter like I see Gold Finches eating the Purple Coneflower seeds.

Rudbeckia Triloba BouquetThe flowers tend to wilt after being in a bouquet for 2 days.  Add a little sugar and vinegar to the water and they will perk back up.  They are really beautiful and will add a lot of joy to any environment.  The great thing is that they are so prolific that you can pick lots of them and have them in your house all the time. Enjoy!

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