Recipe Baked Zucchini Slices

Recipe Baked Zucchini Slices

You need a  recipe baked zucchini slices.  It is that time of year when, if you miss a few days in your garden, the zucchinis grow huge.  That is a 12 inch ruler in the picture showing off the zukes’ size.

We were away for almost a week and I found these two zucchini squashes in the garden.  One might be too big but I will cut it open anyway!  If the seeds aren’t too big and the inside isn’t mushy I will use it.  So I cut it open and the very middle is a little soft but the rest is good so we are going to have very large baked zucchini slices!  I will share the recipe because they are delicious!

Peel the Zucchinis??

I don’t usually peel the zukes.  I like to eat the whole food because there is a lot of nutrition in the peel.  If you do peel them be sure to put the peels in the compost.  BTW the worms love zucchini peels! I discovered this when I had some older zucchinis where the skin didn’t look good to eat, so I peeled them.

Recipe Baked Zucchini Slices

My daughter-in-law taught me this very easy recipe.  I like to slice the zuke into 1/2 inch slices.  You can really do any size you want and vary the cooking time.  Dip each slice in egg and then in flavored breadcrumbs.  Line them up on a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam.  I like to squish them in so we get more to a cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees until they are tender.  And voila you have a healthy snack or side dish.  And you have used your large zucchinis!  They are really best right out of the oven.  We have warmed them up later but they are not as good.  Happy Eating!

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