Rabbit Poop for Your Garden

I highly recommend, if it is possible, to get some rabbit poop for your garden.  Years ago we had our own rabbit.  Our garden grew so nicely particularly in the parts where I would dump the poop from the rabbit.

But we haven’t had our rabbit for many years so I tried to figure out how to get some rabbit poop for my garden.  I resorted to ordering it off Ebay.  The rabbit manure that I have bought on Ebay was dried out and they only sold the poop pellets.  No straw or rabbit hair.  It came packaged very nicely.  It was a little pricey because the postage was expensive.  The reason being because it was quite heavy.

Rabbit Poop for Your Garden from Craigslist

I did that for a few years and then moved on to Craigslist.  In the Baltimore Washington area there are several people selling rabbit poop.  It often involves a drive and you almost need a truck to make it worth your while.  And so you don’t mess up your car.  The rabbit poop from these farms is not packaged as nicely as the rabbit manure on Ebay.  It often is mixed with a lot of hay or straw and it can be very wet and smelly.  Just be prepared but it is worth it!

How to Use Rabbit Poop for your Garden

Rabbit Poop for your GardenRabbit poop can be used directly next to your plants.  It will not burn the plants like cow, horse or chicken manure.  I use it to make compost piles.  I layer the rabbit manure with leaves that I have saved from the fall.  The manure heats up the pile very quickly.  After a few days the compost was at 162 degrees which you can see from the picture on the left.  So the microorganisms in the pile are working very hard.  I have compost from last year that I made this way.  It is rich and dark brown and full of worms.  Here is a good article on using manures in the garden.