Rabbit Manure Compost

You may ask why use rabbit manure compost?? Technically rabbit manure does not need to be composted.  It is not considered a hot manure.  You can put it directly near your plants and they won’t get burned.  They will grow fine.  But rabbit manure compost will be better for the garden because manure has lots of good stuff in it for the soil.

Opportunity to Have Rabbit Manure Compost

I found a farm that had lots of rabbit manure to sell.  And I had the use of a pick up truck so I was in business.  They were selling the manure for $2 a feed bag if you fill it yourself and $3 a bag already filled.  How could I pass up a bargain like that??  So we picked up 20 bags.  I have bags of leaves saved from last fall. I wanted to use those for the brown or carbon part of the compost. Learn more about greens and browns in compost.  I decided to use my wire bin composter.  I like how easy it is to remove the compost after it is finished and these bins are cheap.

How to Make Rabbit Manure Compost

Temperature for compostingI created 2-3 inch layers of rabbit manure  alternating with leaves. I put in these layers until the bin was full.  I decided to take the temperature after a day or two with my compost thermometer. I wanted to share with you how much activity was going on in the compost pile with pictures.  Realize that it was very cold outside so the temperatures reached are actually quite impressive.  Above is a picture from my smart phone of the outside temperature on one of the days that I checked the compost bin.  have a picture diary for you from day to day:

Rabbit Manure Compost Taking temperatureThis image is from the next day.  As you can see the temperature is already rising!




Compost ThermometerThis image is from Day Two-an impressive amount of activity from yesterday! The temperature has risen 25 degrees!




Hot Compost BinHere is Day Three.  The temperature rose over 30 degrees!  Using the rabbit manure for compost really got the compost bin going. Remember that the outside temperature was anywhere from 25-35 degrees Fahrenheit.  After this the temperature started going down.  I have achieved similar results by putting a lot of used coffee grounds from Starbucks in my bin.  Here is link to understand some of the critters that live in the compost bin at different temperatures.