Poppies Emerging

Poppies EmergingPoppies emerging step-by-step!  My poppies were particularly beautiful this year. I got some really nice shots of my poppies emerging that I would like to share with you! I captured a poppy just as it was emerging from its flower bud casing. You can still see the folds in the delicate petals as they are unfolding from being enclosed in the bud.

Poppies Emerging Step by StepThese are oriental poppies so they are quite large. California poppies which are very popular have a smaller flower and are more orange. These poppies are perennials so I can look forward to them coming up every year. They usually come up in May. They don’t do very well in heat so with our crazy weather lately sometimes the flower is gone within one day. This year it was cooler so they lasted for a longer time. Also if it rains a lot, the delicate flower petals get damaged.

Oriental PoppyYou can buy plants at a nursery or plant oriental poppy seeds. I started with plants which is easier. You might say “Is it worth it? For such a delicate flower?” I say that they are so beautiful and stunning that they are well worth the risk of the weather. Also, because they are perennials they are no work. They just come up by themselves every year for us to enjoy!

One of my favorite paintings Poppy Field in Argenteuil, was painted by Claude Monet. A woman and child are walking through a field of poppies. My grandmother and I would admire the fields of poppies as we drove through the English countryside. The love of poppies has stayed with me ever since!  They don’t last very long in the spring-time but they are wonderful treat after a long winter!