Planting Sugar Snap Pea Tips

How to Grow PeasThis is a very timely post on planting Sugar Snap Pea tips.  In previous years I always planted my Sugar Snaps around March 15th.  With the winters being colder the last two years March 15th hasn’t worked out so well.  My harvests the last two years were very skimpy.  I think that the ground was just too cold and wet and the seeds didn’t germinate.  The last two years were very frustrating because I used to get a huge amount of sugar snap peas as you can see from the picture.

Helpful Sugar Snap Pea Planting Tips

So I am recommending this year wait another week or two.  I know the urge is strong to get started especially with our warmer days!  I am waiting until around March 23rd.  Then I am going to plant only one batch.  I am going to stagger my plantings over 3 weeks so they don’t mature all at once.  I also recommend looking for Super Sugar Snap by Burpee.  They mature at 64 days instead of 70 which gives you mature peas faster.  This is a plus for a plant that doesn’t like the hot weather.  I found my seeds at Wal-Mart or you can click on the banner on the right side of this post at the top of the page and order directly from Burpee.

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