Planting Raspberries in Your Garden

Planting raspberries brings delicious treats!

Planting raspberries can be easier than you think.  Last year I had my first good crop of raspberries after several mishaps with choosing their location.  I had planted them in a spot where there was a lot of sun in the spring but as the summer approached they were totally in the shade.  Then I planted them next to the house.  A pest control company said that wasn’t a good idea.  Maybe the house had been treated for termites and the pesticide might still be in the ground.  I don’t know if that is true or not but I moved them anyway.

You need to trim back raspberries every season.Raspberries Leaves

Last summer we all enjoyed delicious raspberries!  During the late winter I trimmed the stalks down within a few inches of the ground.  When you buy raspberry plants in the store they look almost dead.  I always wondered how in the world would they ever grow!  Well now I know that raspberry plants grow back from being cut down almost to the ground.   It is amazing at how resilient they are and how they grow from almost nothing.  You can see in the pictures how beautiful the new growth is.