Plant Seed Germination

A Story of Plant Seed Germination

Plant Seed Germination--Very Few Pea SeedlingsOne could call me a haphazard gardener! I don’t follow all the rules and I do my own thing! Sometime it works out well and sometimes not. Here is a story of plant seed germination where it didn’t work out so well.

It started with grass seed. Last year I seeded bare spots in my lawn with old grass seed. I watched and watched and nothing ever happened. I wasn’t sure why. I have often used old seed and had great results! (though not with grass seed!)

Lately I have noticed that my sprouts are not doing so well. I use the Easy Sprout Sprouter which I like very much and I have always had good results with it. Some seeds are sprouting but many more are just sitting there doing nothing. The sprout seeds are a few years old. Time just flies by and I didn’t realize that I had them such a long time.

In the beginning of March I planted Sugar Snap Peas on a nice warm day. After 3 weeks very few seeds came up. I planted some from 2011 of which only 3 came up (see picture above of the 3 lonely Sugar Snap pea plants.) I had a much better germination rate with the 2012 seeds–only 8 came up-haha :(! This was from planting about 30-40 seeds from each year.

I think I am supposed to be getting a message here. Germination dates do matter! In the past I had good luck planting old seeds but here are 3 examples of it just not being worth it. If timing or “time invested” is important use new seeds so you don’t have to duplicate your efforts. Now I have learned that grass seed needs to be used within a few months. No wonder none of the grass sprouted.

So last weekend I quickly ran out to my garden with 2013 Sugar Snap Pea seeds and replanted. I am hoping that I didn’t lose too much of the early spring cool weather.
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