No Time to Mature For Baby Tahitian Melon Squashes

I have had a continual problem at the end of the summer and in the early fall when there is no time to mature for baby Tahitian Melon Squashes.  I have written a lot about how I love the Tahitian Melon Squash:

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You can imagine towards the end of the season, when I have all these new baby squashes growing and I know there is not enough time for them to ripen, how disappointing that would be.

Solution for No Time to Mature For Baby Tahitian Melon Squashes

So the first few years I let the squash grow hoping that there would be enough time for it to ripen.  Even though we have a long growing season I was always disappointed.  I got squash that was quite big but not that deep rich color which shows that it is fully mature.  Then I would cut them open and the flesh would be such a muted color that I wouldn’t even call orange.  I know that the deep rich orange color is so healthy full of beta-carotenes!

No Time to Mature for Baby Tahitian Melon SquashesSomeone and I can’t remember who suggested harvesting the squash when they are small and using it as a zucchini.  I decided to try it.  This was the first year.  They are totally green with some stripes at this stage as you can see from the picture.  I decided to slice them about 3/8 inch thick.  Some slices were small from the neck and some were quite large.  They were all the same thickness.

Recipe for Not Mature Tahitian Melon Squash

I arranged the slices on a baking sheet that was sprayed generously with Pam.  I baked them at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Then I removed them from the oven and turned them all over.  Then I baked them for another 10-15 minutes.  You can vary the time depending on how soft you like them. We were in for a great surprise.  They are truly delicious!!  We have enjoyed many of these this season and we just found the one above in the last 2 days and it is near the end of October.  Just one hint–Don’t let them get too big.  Pick them before they start to lose the green color and the stripes!

Here is another recipe that could be used for these squash: recipe baked zucchini slices.  For information on getting Tahitian Melon Squash seeds.