Making a Worm Bin Composter

There are many ways of making a worm bin composter.  Or you can buy one especially for that purpose.  I have tried three approaches and I use red wigglers or red worms. The first approach was years ago.  We built a wooden worm bin but it was not successful.  We put too many food scraps in it and the worms couldn’t handle all of it.  We got a ton of fruit flies and the food rotted so we got rid of it.  We didn’t have any source of advice to save it.  Of course the internet was not available like it is now!

A few years ago, I made a worm bin in a Worm Friendly Habitat.Making a Worm Bin Composter I used shredded newspaper for bedding which works very well.  I like this worm bin because it is easy to go look at and check out the worms and see how they are doing.  About once a week I will go look through the bin and mix up the paper, food scraps and the worms.  This also gives me an opportunity to make sure the worms are doing fine and it aerates their environment.  It is important that there is enough oxygen so that the process stays aerobic.  Once there isn’t enough oxygen it becomes anaerobic and it will start to smell.  If your worm bin smells bad then you know that something is not going right.

After looking online I see that the Worm Friendly Habitat worm bin used to be sold only to municipalities, educational facilities and other bulk buyers.  Now they are available to the public.  I see on one website they have added holes to the bottom for drainage and a tray to catch the leachate (drainage from the worm bin) but they are out of stock.  Some websites are selling the older model.  I have the older model and though the bottom does get a bit wet, it hasn’t been a problem so far.  It is a bit expensive when you add in shipping but it is ready to go with the holes already drilled for air circulation.  I am still experimenting to see if the holes in the bottom of the worm bin are really necessary.  I just wouldn’t want to deal with the worms crawling out of the holes.  More on this in the next post!