Loom Knitting Instead of Gardening??

Loom knitting instead of gardening is a great pastime in the winter! Well I do know that this is a gardening, composting blog but in the winter there is not so much to do with gardening.  So I would call this, “What to do with yourself when you can’t garden because it is freezing outside?”   One answer is loom knitting instead of gardening.

Loom Knitting Instead of Gardening Works Great on Airplanes

I have a long flight next week–10 hours.  I won’t be able to knit on the plane because knitting needles are not allowed.  I found these round Knitting Looms as an alternative to regular knitting.  Though a small metal tool is needed I can accomplish the same thing with a plastic stitch holder.  So I think I am good to go on my trip.  I won’t have any problems with the knitting needles not being allowed on the plane because Yay!!  I don’t need any!

I am experimentingLoom Knitting Instead of Gardening ahead of time and have amazingly discovered that I love to make hats with these knitting looms.  I thought I would miss regular knitting but this is really fun!  I have completed 4 hats and am working on the fifth one.  Each hat is so different depending on the yarn or yarn combination that I use.  I made one kids size and my granddaughter fell in love with it and packed it in her suitcase to take it home.  She looked great in that hat.  My  daughter and her friends love these hats and they have passed the test of time some being used for more than one winter!

There are so many opportunities to make beautiful hats with loom knitting!  If you want an easy way to be creative with a small time investment try loom knitting and make winter hats!  Use your imagination in the yarn store and go crazy with beautiful colors, textures and even a little bling.  Of course, there are many other winter hobbies that can fill our gardening time–one of which is planning your next spring garden browsing through garden catalogs!  Back to composting next blog post!