Ladybug Visitor Great for Eating Aphids

Ladybug Visitor Great for Eating AphidsI was delighted to see this ladybug visitor in my garden today.  As an organic gardener, I welcome the sight of ladybugs because they eat aphids which cause damage in gardens.  Ladybugs are considered so helpful that you can buy bunches of them in gardening stores or order them online to release in your garden.  They are considered to be one version of organic pest control if you have aphids!  I saw aphids on one of my tomato seedlings today, so the ladybug has come to the right garden!

A Ladybug Visitor Can be Bought Online!

Gardens Alive sells ladybugs that are ready to lay eggs and that are hungry so they will stay in your garden.  Ladybugs, also known as ladybirds, are members of the Coccinellidae beetle family.  There are over 400 different species native to North America.  I have fond memories of playing with ladybugs as a child reciting the rhyme about flying home.  Here is a discussion about the origins of that rhyme.