Is it true what you read about composting on the internet?

Is it true what you read about composting on the internet?
Unfortunately there are a lot of internet marketers out there selling things that they have no experience with.  The goal is to make money.  There are a lot of marketers trying to sell the Worm Factory, for instance.  You see ads everywhere trying to sell the Worm Factory — even the old model!  The thing is you don’t even need a Worm Factory to have a worm bin.  You can make a cheap and easy worm bin yourself.

One way to increase the rank of a website is to have a lot of content.  There are actually writers that produce content for internet marketers.  So when you are reading about the Worm Factory the article could have been written by a internet marketing writer not someone who has a Worm Factory and is writing from their own experiences.

For example, one article says that all the worms migrate to the top tray to the new food, leaving the finished compost in the bottom tray  This is just not true.  I have used the Worm Factory for a while and the worms never all migrated upwards.  I always had to separate them from the finished compost.  The worms are very happy to stay in the finished compost.

When I watched a video on making a trash can composter and they didn’t put drainage holes in the bottom; I knew that this person had never actually used a trash can composter.  Because you need drainage holes in the bottom or you will end up with a soggy mess.

These are just 2 examples of erroneous information.  Be careful what you are reading.  Is it from an expert with lots of experience?  Or from a marketer just trying to make a buck? Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips on how to tell the difference, if you are a novice to gardening and composting.  Just keep your eyes open and read and evaluate carefully.