How to Worm Compost Info

How to Worm Compost Info

Is Your Worm Compost Too Wet When It is Finished?

Is It More Like Sticky Clay Than Like Crumbly Compost?

See this short video on what I mean by rich, dark, crumbly worm compost–Music is Rolling Clouds by Brian Crain


After vermicomposting for several years I have developed 2 methods that can streamline your worm composting experience.  These methods are great tips on how to worm compost for experienced worm composters!  I can show you how to separate your worms so they do most of the work for you AND I can show you how to create a rich, dark, crumbly worm compost that you can sprinkle around your plants.

Free! You can download a pamphlet so you can make your worm composting experience easier and more satisfying.  I will send you a pamphlet on how to accomplish:

  1. Separating the worms without taking too much of your time.
  2. Creating rich, dark, crumbly worm compost.

The pamphlet includes 35 tips on All You Wanted to Know About Composting with Red Wigglers!  Based on my experience these are true tips that I have learned just by watching the Red Wigglers! When you click I WANT THIS! it will take you to Gumroad, a secure site. Gumroad will make the pamphlet available for downloading for free!