How to Grow Peas

How to Grow PeasHow to Grow Peas

There are several things to know about how to grow peas. Of course I have only tried the Sugar Snap variety which is an edible pod pea.  I have just been picking sugar snap peas for the last half hour.  I filled up 2 bowls.  As you can see from the picture I have a nice crop of sugar snaps.  They have grown over 6 feet tall.  Here is more information on planting sugar snap peas.

Sugar Snap Peas Need to be Supported

One thing to know about sugar snaps is that they need to be supported.  I have found an unusual solution for supporting my plants.  I grow them in tomato cages.  I use Texas tomato cages which I love.  They come in sections so you can add height as you need it.  I just keep adding sections as the peas grow.  There are 2 three foot sections and then an extra 2 foot section.  They all fold so they are easy to store.  I plant the seeds around the outside and inside edges of the tomato cage.  This method works very well and is a great tip on how to grow peas.

Next Planting Time for Sugar Snaps is the Fall

Now that we are almost into the summer, it is too late to plant these peas.  They like the cool weather so the next time to plant will be in August for a fall crop.  Some plants like the hot weather like tomato, pepper and eggplant and some plants like lettuce, peas, and cabbage do best when it is cooler outside.  Sugar Snap peas can survive some light frosts which extends their growing season into the fall.

Peas Fix Nitrogen into the Soil

An added advantage to growing peas is that they have the ability to take nitrogen from the air and transfer it into the soil.  So they enhance the soil where they grow.  This is a great plus for the plants that are planted after the peas die in early summer.