Horse Boarding and Horseback Riding Lessons in Carroll County, Maryland

Beautiful Farm for Boarding Horses with Manure Available!

In the quest for manure for the garden we visited a farm that provides horse boarding, kind of like a horse hotel, and horseback riding lessons in Carroll County, Maryland. Miriam can be reached at Skyline Training Farm 410-982-4679 for information on the horse stables or lessons.  Skyline Training Farm is located in Hampstead, Maryland. Here is a picture of the horses looking out of their stalls almost as if they are saying hello!Horse Boarding Carroll County Maryland

My daughter, her friend and I went out to Skyline Training farm on a warm spring day to help out and to pick up some horse manure for composting in the garden. After a lovely drive through the country we drove up to the farm. I was struck by the beautiful farm buildings, they are modern and attractive and very clean. There is even an indoor riding arena for horseback riding lessons and training in jumping. We were originally going to clean the stable but that had already been done. Each horse stall was very clean with a pile of fresh straw for the return of the horses from the pastures.

Our job was to brush Brownie, a beautiful large brown pony, who was going to be in a horse show that Sunday. We had to get him from the pasture and his horse companion in the pasture wanted to come too, so it was a little tricky getting him out of the gate. It was satisfying work seeing how he glistened and shone when we were finished.

Horseback Riding Lessons Were a Success

It turns out that the girl riding Brownie in the horse show, got two 1st Place ribbons and a 5th place.  Her horseback riding lessons were certainly a success! She was High Point Beginner Equitation (which means she was judged on HER riding)Rider.

My daughter’s friend wanted to ride a horse but was very afraid. Miriam helped her get up and walked her around. I was impressed by Miriam’s patience, the horse who was very gentle and with my daughter’s friend who overcame her fear of horses. Miriam knows & understands horses very well and we were quite educated about what horses are all about. We really want to return to work with the horses again. It is just a good feeling to work with horses.

The next step was to fill some bags with manure. You can tell how nicely Bernie and Miriam keep their farm because the manure pile had hardly any odor to it. There was lots of straw mixed with the manure. It was a hard job digging out the manure but it will be well worth it. Just remember that horse manure burns plants so if you happen to have the good fortune to get some, make sure you compost it first. We hope to go out again to help out around the farm and of course to get some more horse manure!