Homemade Compost

Homemade compost can vary greatly.  It all depends on what you put in it.  I had an interesting experience this summer that I would like to share with you about my homemade compost made in my Compact Compost Tumbler. My compost ingredients were leaves, kitchen scraps and coffee grounds from Starbucks.

Green Beans and Compost

Check out my last 2 posts on growing grean beans before my post on staking tomato cages.  I planted 2 sets of pole green beans so there would be a longer harvest.  One set on each side of the trellis.  So after several weeks of harvesting green beans from the first seeds that I had planted I noticed the leaves were starting to get yellow.  I figured they were at the end of their growing season and I was glad I had another set of plants on the other side of the trellis to extend my harvest.

I Had Lots of Compost from My Compostumbler

The compost in my compostumbler was ready.  Part of my garden was covered with a weed mat so I couldn’t dump it there.  I had a whole wheelbarrow full and I wasn’t so sure where to put it.  In the the process of deciding I left it in the wheelbarrowHomemade Compost Made Great Green Bean Plants and it rained.  Well now I had a muddy mess that was very heavy!  So I wheeled it to the edge of the garden and dumped it.  I wasn’t paying attention to where I dumped it–just a convenient place close to where the wheelbarrow was sitting (because it was so heavy).  It happened to be that I dumped it all around the green beans that were dying.

After a week or so the dying green beans started growing again!  Notice in the pictures how lush and healthy the green bean plants became.  The new leaves were huge.  The yellow spindly vines that were starting to die turned into these beautiful strong plants producing lots of beans.  They grew right up until the middle of October producing lots of green beans.  It was an amazing sight to see the transformation of these beans a few weeks after I dumped that muddy wet compost mix on them.  Another great example of how great compost is.  And since I inadvertently made compost tea, maybe that was also a factor in this great transformation.   Read more aboutGreen Bean Leaves After Homemade Compost making compost so you can get started for next year.