Growing Winter Lettuce

Growing Winter Lettuce ContainerGrowing winter lettuce is one of my projects this year.  But not outside!  I went to the thrift store to buy something to plant it in.  You need to be creative as you look around in the thrift store.  I came up with this orange plastic container.  It seems like a perfect shape to me–rectangular with lots of space.  One great advantage to me is that it is not too large.  I will be able to carry it into the house when it gets too cold outside.

There is a label on my container–Trofast.  Online I found that this is used as part of a toy storage system by IKEA.  It wasn’t a great bargain at the thrift store so if I want more I will just buy them at IKEA.  But I didn’t know they existed so that was a great ah-ha experience!  They actually sell them in a shorter depth which might also work fine for growing lettuce.  My container is 9 3/4 inches deep and the smaller one is 4 3/4 inches.

Growing Winter Lettuce With Drainage

Holes Drilled in Cheap PlanterI need some drainage in my container for growing winter lettuce.  My husband drilled small holes around the bottom and in the bottom.  The next thing that I needed was something to catch any excess water that comes out of the drainage holes.  I found the perfect size cookie sheet to fit under my container!  So my whole purchase came to $5 and I discovered the source of more improvised planting containers!

Mixture of Potting Soil and Worm Compost

I used a mixture of potting soil mixed with worm compost for the planting medium.  I planted Baby Mesclun lettuce which is a mixture of lettuces.  I also planted a few onions from seed just to try them as as experiment.  I will post later with an update on this project of growing winter lettuce.