Grow Raspberries-A Wonderful Treat from the Garden

Raspberries from my GardenGrow raspberries!  They are a wonderful healthy treat from your garden!  If you grow your own then think of all the money you can save while having such a scrumptious treat.

If you read about me, then you know I got my gardening genes from my father who just turned 81 years old.  He has been growing raspberries for years.  They enjoy raspberries fresh from the vine most of the summer and into the fall.  They also freeze them for the winter.  A few years ago my father had to dig up his raspberries because they were growing next to the house and the foundation of the house had to be treated for termites.  So he gave me several raspberry plants.

They had a hard beginning at my house because first I planted them in a place that got lots of sun in the spring, then no sun in the summer.  My kids had always picked raspberries in the woods so I didn’t think they needed so much sun.  That may be the case that they grow fine in wooded areas but they will not grow where there is no sun.  So I transplanted them along the back of our house.

Our house was treated for ants that year.  The pest control company informed me that I shouldn’t plant anything next to the house because I didn’t know if it had ever been treated for termites.  They said the plant could incorporate those chemicals which would be very bad for us.  I didn’t know if that were actually true or if there were termite chemicals in the ground.  I didn’t want to risk that our delicious future raspberries would be tainted so I transplanted them again. 

Finally this year we got raspberries!!  They were so delicious and plentiful even though they had been through 3 transplantings over the last few years.  They must be everbearing plants because we got raspberries right up to the first frost.  They multiply quickly and seem easy to grow.  They do need support though and right now we are using large tomato cages.  These are a special treat because they came from my father even though I don’t know their proper name.  He also transplanted his and now he has another prolific raspberry patch that has even spread under the fence to his neighbor’s yard much to their delight.  I am looking forward to our first raspberries next summer.

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  1. Robert Taylor

    We also grow raspberries! And you are right, they are a wonderful treat–so tasty and free. The prices of raspberries in the store are very high. I like your photo of the raspberries–you can almost taste how delicious they are!

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