Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Grow Lights for Your Indoor Plants Helps Them Grow!

Using grow lights for indoor plants can make a big difference in your success in growing your own seedlings.  I start my own seedlings every spring and have found that grow lights help them grow so much bigger and healthier than just the light from my sunny window.

Growing your own seedlings opens up so many more possiblities for the kind of plants that you can grow.  Though, for many years I bought all my seedlings from a nursery and we still buy some depending on the year.  Last year we bought pepper and eggplant seedlings.

It all depends on where you are in your gardening experience.  If it seems too overwhelming or like too much work to start your own then you can always make a trip to the local nursery and have a great time picking and choosing what you want to grow.  For beginner gardeners this is the way to go!

In the meantime if you are starting seeds indoors I want to suggest some options for grow lights.  The easiest thing to do is to buy a full-spectrum desk light from Amazon or KMart.  Just make sure the bulb is a full spectrum bulb meaning that it closely resembles sunlight.  You can read more about my experiences using a full spectrum grow light.

Another option is to buy a special set up for plants.  This will enable you to grow more plants than with just a desk lamp but it will cost a little more.  This Jump Start Grow Light System will enable you to start lots of seedlings for your garden.  This kit contains everything you need to get started except for the seeds.